"I bought you books" is probably the pick-up line that will make my panties wet.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

that frigging book. that wonderful efng book.

EVEN THOUGH IT HAD SO MANY GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT SENTENCES AND PUNCTUATION THAT WAS FORGOTTEN TO PUT, I still loved it. I loooooooved the story omfg I was between breaths, holding it while I was nearly screaming because of the kilig effects that got me.

I wanted that story to happen to me like omfg pero I don’t want to have multiple boys just wtf. I just want a Peter Kavinsky for god’s sake. I want him so bad i just dksjnfksf

In tots, it was really good and I can’t wait for the second book! It will be published on April 21, 2015. Ugh!!! But I am soooo happy it has a sequel. <3

half the night I waste in sighs
half in dreams I sorrow after


Find someone who understands your silence.

Yung taong mas corny sakin. Yun. Yun yung hahanapin ko. Ge.

someday, I would meet someone. Someone I could trust. Someone I can feel safe around with. Yung bang sobrang komportable ko sakaniya. Kahit umutot ako sa harap niya hindi ako mahihiya. and, nevertheless, someone who can make me better. 

I have read thousands of men; astounding, wonderful, charming, and ever so perfect. but there’s one problem, they are not real.

perfect boys only exist in books.

but somehow, I want to meet someone so flawed, I still see him as the perfect person in the world.


It wasn’t over for me.


I’m getting tired of seeing post like

  • omg i wanna eat pizza with you
  • let’s travel and get lost in a foreign city together
  • i wanna run in our underwear at our own apartment
  • let’s take a hundred of selfie omfg
  • let’s be fucking cute together because it’s fucking cute

wth people. I mean, is that really all? Is that really your fucking goal in life? Don’t you want to be someone successful? Don’t you want to have billions of money on your name? Is all those fucking “finding-your-partner” really IS your fucking goal in life? To have sex everyday? Is that it? You don’t want to be like, I don’t know, a President? even though it sounds impossible BECAUSE YOU STILL FOCUS ON YOUR LOVE LIFE. BUT IF YOU DON’T, ANYTHING CAN BE POSSIBLE. Stop sulking for god’s sake. Stop that. Wth say no more. bye haters

There was this one time I was buying a book at Fully Booked and there were like these high school kids who stormed in there. They were so many like omfg, are they having a field trip? I thought. So yeah whatever. Cool. I was looking through books and then I saw some of them staring at me like giving me these eyes saying “heya kid, you look so lame like omg what r u tryna pull at” I wuz so friggin pissed. Do ya kids even know I’m older than u. Who cares if I wear jumpers and a shirt it looks cute omfg. U r the ones who look pathetic, u ain’t hipster. You’re just trying to be one to be cool. Well, update: YOU KIDS WILL NEVER BE.

weareupallnightogetlucky asked: Awww buti ka pa nakamove on ka na. :D Ako ksi recently lang e. </3 Actually magwa-one week na bukas. HAHAHA Hay jusmiyo marimar. Pero I'll look up to you and just like you, makakamove-on din ako and I'll be back to normal again. <3 Hihi! ^^ Malaking tulong na din yung di kami magkita HAHAHA. :D

Aw naman! :”> Oo naman! Makakalimutan mo rin siya. Every relationship is a lesson (nahaaaaks) Payo ko nalang sa’yo, Ate, is wag ng pumasok sa LDR huhu. Kahit kaya niyong dalawa, may instances na magsasawa yung isa sa sitwasyon ninyo habang yung isa naman sweet parin. Basta mahirap. Masakit. O kaya wag ng makipag-relasyon. Mag-alaga nalang ng aso. Mas masaya pa yun. Papadamihin mo pa. Hahhaha. <3

Hindi porket nalaman mong break na kami, pwede mo na ulit ako ligawan. ANO BA DKJNSK NAKAKAINIS. DI PA BA NAGSAWA. WAT DE NAKAKAINIS LANG. ANO BANG GAGAWIN KO PARA TIGILAN MOKO DKJNS aysehjhasbdsf


I guess forever is not as long as it used to be.

Chelsea (That’s So Raven Season 3 Episode 29)